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How long does it take to become a General Manager?

Not long. Depending on the circumstances, a crewmember has been promoted to General Manager in as short as two months. Other crew that are not yet prepared and want to continue learning at a slower pace have worked with us for much longer before making the commitment.

Where do you see yourself six months, a year, and five years from now?

The Career Map shows crew members how they can work their way up in the company position-by-position and is the basis for how we train crew. On the career map, there are two pathways that employees can blaze through. The first pathway is called the Frontline. The Frontline pathway is designed for customer-service oriented crew members that enjoy working directly with our customers. The second pathway is called the Backline. The Backline pathway is designed for crew members that are focused on our culinary skill sets and food. This pathway ends at Kitchen Specialist.

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